Creating popular multi-platform magazines

From celebrities to TV guides to special interest, we create some of the most popular multi-platform brands in Germany, the UK, Poland, France and the United States. Our 400+ titles and 100+ digital products entertain and inform audiences of all ages. We are passionate about great publishing and, as an industry leader, we are re-inventing the very future of magazines.

A world-leading publishing house

For nearly 150 years, Bauer Media Group has been defining what it means to be popular and successful in publishing. As an industry leader, our ambition is to further develop the model for a future-oriented magazine and multi-platform business.

We aim to serve the right audiences with the right products and work hard to ensure that our readers get exactly the magazines they want. Additionally, we continually seek out new opportunities to develop and grow. By taking our brands beyond traditional boundaries, we are using innovative and creative concepts to evolve how readers enjoy our brands. In order to achieve this we harness latest technologies and approaches to enable collaboration and innovation, making working easier and adding value to our business.

Publishing is a people business. Therefore our goal is to continuously attract great creative talent to our company and contribute to the development of our people.

Facts and Figures

  • Europe's largest magazine publisher
  • 140+ years experience in publishing
  • Market-leading positions for popular publishing across Europe and in the US with 400+ magazines and 100+ digital products

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Publishing is in Bauer’s DNA and will remain the backbone of the company for many years to come. Our success relies on focusing on meeting the needs of our readers with great content, in the format they want.

Rob Munro-Hall

President Business Area Publishing