Bauer Media Group is amidst a change process from a media to a multi-business company with an open-minded for a new working culture. Learn more about our strategy and long term vision.

“We think in 30-year-cycles”

Digitization is changing our world at an unprecedented pace. Innovation cycles are getting shorter, new technologies are turning into mass consumer products within years or even months rather than decades, competition is becoming global and business decisions need to be taken even faster although the uncertainty is increasing. This requires every organization to become more agile, collaborative, outward-oriented and resilient in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity. Bauer Media Group is of course no exception to this overall rule and has accepted this challenge. Despite being aware of this fact, we stick to thinking in longer time spans.

We are amidst a change process from a media to a multi-business company with an open-minded for a new working culture.

Family-owned in the 5th generation, Bauer Media Group is a company that strives to know what will be popular with customers and users tomorrow. We aim to harness trends with the target group insight of a global multi-business and the experience of over a century of publishing tradition.

Our vast international publishing portfolio forms the foundation of our business. But it’s long since complemented with an established and international market-leading audio segment, along with a growing online comparison platform business and a brand-new portfolio of SME sales and marketing services.

We are shaping our business for coming changes: with investments in young business models, we set the course for a successful future. We want a diverse portfolio of businesses in our Group in order to diversify risks and to balance cash generation and growth funding.

Our long-term orientation is rooted in our ambition to create value for the next generation of owners of the company.

We think in 30-year-cycles, planning our activities to best increase customer and company value in the coming years. My goal is to leave behind a company that is healthy and future-proof for the next generation of owners.

Yvonne Bauer, Owner

A major shift in mentality

The change we have driven has already involved a major shift in mentality and a radical move away from our corporate “comfort zone”. But we agreed to take it with a smile and and with confidence. Some keys to success as we see them:

We look at our businesses objectively and honestly and appraise our strengths and our weaknesses. We want to build on what is good – and change what isn’t working.

We want good ideas to become reality and we want to empower and enable our employees to fight for those ideas with determination. We don’t believe in a ‘fail fast’ mentality. It sounds “cool” on paper, but in reality some of the best ideas in history have taken time and perseverance to mature. Knowing when to endure and persevere is key.

When we find something that works, we go big. We want to make bold moves and meaningful commitments. We are changing our mentality from ‘let’s fix it’ to ‘let’s reinvent it’. We want to move away from the protectiveness of ‘what it was before’.

Equality, enablement and empowerment go hand in hand and lead to more effective innovation. We have trust in the people around us. It’s much more important to enable than to control.

We aim for a culture in which we support each other in the best possible ways. We shall be asking ourselves “How can I help?” rather than “Is it my job?”.

Our success rests on the exceptional work of our employees and their ability to understand audiences. By getting close to people who use Bauer titles and services, our teams create content that valued by millions across the globe

Veit Dengler, Chief Operating Officer

Diversity is not just about representation, but genuine empowerment. It brings an essential difference of perspectives. It doesn’t matter who you have working for your business unless they have a voice.

As a family-owned business, Bauer can operate quickly, with short decision-making cycles and a single vision: growth for the future. At Bauer Media Group technology is a major enabler that connects our people across the business and empowers our teams. Our approach is to switch all processes, including board level, from “waterfall” to “agile”.

Customer Centricity
To get at the heart of what is popular we rely on a deep knowledge of our customers: that is what has helped Bauer maintain its market position decade after decade. That is what keeps us moving. That is what will keep us successful in the future.