Group Management Team

Bauer Media Group’s Business Areas and Business Units are supported by an international team of experts who provide valuable expertise in specialised corporate areas. The Group Management Team combines broad global experience with deep knowledge of markets and consumers.

Representatives of our Corporate Center

Group Communications

Arnd Wagner

Communicating internal and external decisions with stakeholders and the public is at the core of Group Communications activities. The team is responsible for all Corporate Center topics and supports all local communication teams. Group Communications also maintains this website and the global corporate social media channels.

Group Finance & Controlling

Michael Ulmer

The Group Finance and Controlling team headed by Michael Ulmer works to ensure financial transparency with the aim of facilitating informed decisions at all levels of management levels. At the same time, they develop and maintain standardised financial practices, processes and key performance indicators for the Group.

Group HR

Andrea Mohnsame

Our Group Human Resources department plays a vital role in supporting Bauer’s transformation from a leading publishing house to a multi-business company. The team of Andrea Mohnsame is responsible for our Group HR processes and support the local teams in personnel recruitment, talent managemen and policy.

Group Legal

Dr. Gerald Mai

The Bauer Media Group legal team is responsible for staying abreast of legal regulations in all countries where the Group is active. Headed by Dr. Gerald Mai our legal experts provide professional advice to internal teams and ensure that legal obligations are met, as well as safeguard Group interests and minimise risk exposure.

Group M&A

Pawel Pudlowski

Our M&A team led by Pawel Pudlowski scouts the present landscape for opportunities and trends with a view to long-term future growth. All mergers, acquisitions and divestments for the Group are prepared and executed by the M&A team, including the purchase and sales of companies and the issuing of participations.

Group Strategy

Carsten Schicker

Our Group Strategy team headed by Carsten Schicker supports the Business Units in developing market-specific approaches and sets the strategic direction for the Group as a whole. By recognising long-term trends and identifying growth opportunities, the Group Strategy team ensures long-term value creation within Bauer Media Group.

Group Technology

Markus Hüßmann

The Group Technology team headed by Markus Hüßmann builds and streamlines digital capabilities for Publishing, Radio and other corporate functions, with the goal of standardising solutions when desireable. Group Technology delivers robust, effective and secure services. They also provide valuable and relevant external insights to support the Bauer Media Group’s evolution.